Leather sole, welted, right foot, incomplete, adult size


Tread area of sole with an oval toe and natural foot shape cut away obliquely across the waist. The seam has been cut away from around the toe and upper tread but is still present at the lower tread being a grain/flesh seam, stitch length 3.5-4mm. Worn tunnel stitching present on the grain side with two wooden pegs at the toe indicating a former repair clump. The grain surface is worn but no large holes are present. The impression apparently made by the seat area of the insole or midsole of Cat 9 343) is visible on the flesh side of the sole suggesting that they had been directly associated. The tread now has a concave profile to the grain side, convex when viewed from the flesh side. Leather cattle hide 4.15mm thick (conserved). Length 158mm; width tread 76mm, waist 40mm.