MAC2018 The Maritime Archaeology of the Royal Navy

2018 upcoming conference on the Archaeology of the Royal Navy, tickets canbe found on

Wrecked at BU

An exhibition of the current and past projects of BU Maritime Archaeology. The exhibit included 3D models, artefacts and posters

MAC2016 The Archaeology of the East India Company

The second maritime archaeology conference hosted by BU, 2016's theme was the East India Company, one of the largest commercial companies of its time.

This conference featured talks and displays from a wide range of specialists in the maritime history and archaeology of the Company, as well as displays of artefacts from the wrecks of various East Indiamen.

MAC2015 The Maritme Archaeology Dorset

On the 21st March 2015 BU maritime ran its first conference on the archaeology of Dorset  with a great line up of speakers and a series of stands and displays showcasing a range of maritime artefacts from Dorset’s seas including the Swash Channel Wreck.