Pan Weight


Weights are a frequent occurrence on wrecks of international trade vessels of the early modern period. The complete circular lead weight recovered from the Swash Channel Wreck is trapezoidal in section with a base diameter of 67mm and a top diameter of 56mm. the top of the weight features three incised lines indicating the items weight (i.e. 3lb)  and a crowned mark one possible interpretation of this is the hallmark of the City of Hoorn indicating where the weight was tested.  A set of one to three pound weights of a similar style were recovered from the Salcombe Cannon Site stamped with the letter B, the three pound weight also featured a stamp in the form of the letter A (BM Number 1999,1207.572).

A second possible weight [SCW966] was recovered from a concretion [SCW791]. It is approximately the same size as SCW44 but heavily corroded and only weighs 340g its identity as a trade weight could not be confirmed

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